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Behind the Shutter was created in 2011 as an educational resource for professional and amateur photographers around the world.

Today, the Behind the Shutter site consists of several channels to reach our target audience of over 87,000 active subscribers.


Officially launched in July 2012, it has quickly become one of the largest professional photography magazines on the planet!

Shutter Magazine is the only magazine taking full advantage of today’s increasingly multimedia rich world. The magazine, both print and digital versions, take full advantage of the visual world we live in by incorporating educational videos at the end of every article.

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Launched in January of 2014, Shutter Network is a bi-weekly free photography training and educational web broadcast. Shutter Network covers a host of relevant topics in our industry and engages directly with the audience. The goal of Shutter Network is to bring free quality education to photographers around the world. With a truly global audience, Shutter Network reaches over 20,000 viewers every episode.

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ShutterFest is an annual hands-on conference with over 1,500 enthusiastic attendees. The “un”-conference, ShutterFest’s main mission is to bring quality education with A-List speakers to the masses at an affordable price. Based in St Louis, MO, ShutterFest is the perfectly accessible destination for attendees from around the country. Affordable and easy to get to, ShutterFest is the must attend event for wedding and portrait photographers.

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If you are looking for free photography training and free photography education, Behind the Shutter is the resource for you. Please let us know if you have any questions info@behindtheshutter.com

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