Creating Impactful Studio Portraits | Behind the Scenes

In this video, Sal will cover 3 different lighting techniques that you can use to create impactful studio portraits for your clients. During this session, you will watch Sal set up lights, take Q&A, explain the why behind what he is doing, show you how to use a light meter, and more. In addition, you will see images right out of camera while he is shooting tethered.

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Mastering the Golden Hour

Why do we covet those last few minutes of light at the end of the day? Obviously, the golden light is much easier to work with. It’s the beauty and versatility of the light that we cherish. Most importantly, it provides us more options for creatively capturing our couple’s love story. The key to successful wedding portraiture at golden hour is flexibility.

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Lighting the Rock and Roll Family Portrait

The guitarist for a band I shoot promo work for just welcomed a brand-new baby boy into the world with his wife. That offers the perfect opportunity for a family portrait session. Not just any old cookie-cutter family portrait—I want my portraits, family or otherwise, to reflect the individuality of the subjects.

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How to Rock Your Styled Shoot

My big thing is styled shoots. I love them. I love coming up with a unique concept, obsessing over the details, styling the models and working with vendors for a cohesive design. They also give me a chance to shoot something I want to shoot (as opposed to weddings where I have no control over the timeline, lighting or weather), and they let me practice new poses and lighting ideas.

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