Creative Lighting for Self-Portraits

Self-portraits are not easy. They’re hard mentally and emotionally for myriad reasons, and they’re hard physically (especially if you don’t use an assistant). Lighting doesn’t have to be difficult, though. On the contrary, lighting your self-portrait should be a fun challenge. I’m going to outline some ways I’ve lit my own self-portraits to give you a good foundation.

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3 Wardrobe Hacks to Take Maternity from Mundane to Magnificent

Maternity portraiture is quickly becoming a steady niche in the industry. But as the popularity grows, so does the market oversaturation and the increase in competition for clients. Create a dynamic look and style so you stand out in the sea of maternity shooters. This month, I show you options for getting started in creating a stylized maternity look.

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Fusion | Free Photography Training

// Free Photography Training   Teaching fusion to photographers presents a wide range of challenges. The techniques used to produce quality video images are very similar to photographic techniques and photographers I instruct are usually able to wrap their heads around the concepts. Audio however, is a bit more of…

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