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Teaching fusion to photographers presents a wide range of challenges. The techniques used to produce quality video images are very similar to photographic techniques and photographers I instruct are usually able to wrap their heads around the concepts. Audio however, is a bit more of a challenge. Because of this, I tell photographers who are trying to learn video to completely forego audio at first and concentrate on what they already know (the visuals) in order to build confidence.

To understand the depth of audio, try to think of it like this: For photographers and image artists, there are several conferences and educational resources dedicated to the craft. WPPI, InFocus, PDN, PhotoPlus and AfterDark are just a few. Likewise, there are entire conferences that deal with just audio. This means that learning to work with audio requires absorbing at least the basics of a completely new and rather daunting skill set.

So in order to start learning audio for fusion, let’s stick to the basics. Audio will no doubt bring your final video product to the next level. The downside is poor audio will ruin good video images. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the imagery is, if the sound is bad the overall value of the presentation is immediately reduced. They may not be able to pinpoint why; they just instinctively know that what they are watching is not the high-quality motion picture they are used to seeing on TV and in movies. It absolutely takes them out of the presentation and
screams amateur. So here are some basic ways you can start producing clean audio.

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