FREE WEBINAR // April 12th @ 7pm CT

Lighting & Posing Impactful Portraits for High School Seniors

with Profoto Legend of Light, Sal Cincotta

About this FREE webinar

In this LIVE webinar, Profoto Legend of Light, Sal Cincotta, will show you how to create beautifully unique portraits using a multitude of lighting set ups.

Everything from a simple 1-light portrait to a more complex 5-light set up will be covered. 

These techniques can be applied both in-studio and on-location for your clients. 

Watch LIVE and see how Sal directs his clients and quickly adjusts lighting to keep the pace and tempo fun for everyone.

about your Instructor

Sal Cincotta is an international award-winning photographer, educator, author, Profoto Legend of Light, Canon Explorer Of Light and the publisher of Shutter Magazine.

Sal’s success is directly tied to the education he received in business school. He graduated from Binghamton University, a Top 20 business school, and has worked for Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. After spending 10 years in corporate America, Sal left to pursue a career in photography and has never looked back.

Free Webinar // Lighting and Posing Impactful Portraits for High School Seniors

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