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Online Photography Training

Looking for an online web strategy that works? Join Sal Cincotta and on this free online photography training webinar where they take you through the process of putting together a web strategy for your wedding photography business. Topics covered include understanding today’s bride, setting up your site for maximum impact, the power of testimonials, using 3rd party wedding sites like, Facebook, and SEO strategies to ensure you are ranking your photography business at the top of your local search results.

Its never easy when you are launching or revamping your wedding photography business. So many questions about strategies, finding your brides – you know? the right bride!, social media and optimizing your web site for the best google ranking possible. Sal Cincotta takes you through the strategy they use at Salvatore Cincotta Photography for their online presence.

DISCOUNT CODE EXTENDED // 1 Yr Diamond Membership Reg $600 Use Code sal1 for $199 Diamond Membership expires Jan 31st. Visit for more details.

Sal Cincotta and Taylor Cincotta are committed to free online photography training and raising the bar for photographers around the world. Feel free to share this and get the word out using social media. Help spread the word and be a part of educating photographers everywhere.

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