PhotoBiz has developed new mobile responsive sites for smartphones

PhotoBiz’s HTML5 Portfolio Sites work great across all devices – computers, tablets, and phones – giving a website’s visitors a seamless experience to view the site.  Now they’ve made that experience even better with gorgeous new Mobile Responsible Sites. This is FREE to everyone that uses Photobiz.  There is nothing for customers to install or upload, and there’s no need to manage a mirror site. To use these great new features, HTML5 Photobiz users can simply re-publish their sites. Everything will automatically translate into the Mobile Responsive Site.

“The mobile responsive HTML5 site is just another way we have refined our Portfolio Sites,” said Carrie Hamrick, PhotoBiz Research and Design Team. “It allows users on a mobile phone to see the same content, only displayed in a way that is more visually appealing and functionally sensible.”  The home page images are displayed as an endless scrolling page where an image can be tapped on to view it larger. The site’s logo appears at the top left of the screen, along with a really ingenious menu icon represented by three horizontal bars in the top right corner. Tap the bars to reveal a vertical navigation menu complete with drop down items and up to five social media icons.

The gallery pages are especially unique to the Mobile Responsive Site, with a grid view of the images, complete with endless scrolling. When visitors find an image they want to see larger, they can simply tap on the image to see it full sized on their phone, and then use navigation icons to scroll through the images, and even zoom in further.  The contact page has a very special feature where visitors can tap on the phone number and it will prompt them to place a call, and they can also tap on the email address and a new email window will open for them to write their message. All of the HTML5 Portfolio Site pages work perfectly and seamlessly in these new Mobile Responsive Sites.  For more information about PhotoBiz’s new Mobile Responsive Sites & more, visit


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