Skips Summer School

Join  us at this year’s Skips Summer School in Chicago where we will be the closing program!!

The line-up of speakers is insanely intense and sure to leave you inspired and ready to take on the world.

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The 2012 Instructor and Speaker Line-up

This year’s program, thanks to feedback from past attendees involves two solid days of hands-on teaching. We’re ecstatic to have what many are referring to as the best lineup of hands-on instructors of any workshop in the country!
Hands-on Instructors:

Clay Blackmore:
As one of the most diverse wedding and portrait photographers in our industry, Clay has a reputation for non-stop energy and creativity. Many of last year’s attendees had an amazing experience when Clay, camera in hand, took on the Las Vegas strip and that wasn’t even part of the official program! Well, he’ll be bringing that same enthusiasm to this year’s Summer School and helping you understand the posing and lighting you need to create outstanding images especially in weddings and portraiture.

Calvin Hayes:
He’s back and he’s bad! After stepping away from the teaching circuit for a few years, Calvin Hayes is back! He’ll be teaching together with Clay Blackmore which is right where so many of us met Calvin very early in his career. There are few photographers who give back to our industry like Calvin. Just about every major photographer has a story about the time Calvin helped them out of a jam. He’ll be helping Clay in his hands-on class. Calvin is an outstanding shooter and even better at teaching hands-on technique having learned himself from the very best, but when you meet him you’ll understand his passion for this industry runs so much deeper. Calvin is all about giving back.

Michele Celentano:
Loaded with non-stop energy and enthusiasm, Michele is proof that hyper-active kids grow up and get jobs! Having the experience of business both on the east coast and now in Phoenix, she’s one of the industry’s strongest instructors. Her business today focuses primarily on family and children and as one of America’s leading portrait artists she’ll be helping you hands-on, learning how to get the most out of every client relationship! You’ll learn how to create art, not just beautiful portraits.

Tony Corbell:
He’s the “King of Lighting” and typically considered one of the very best instructors in the country. Working with Tony you’ll learn to see the light and most important of all, control it rather than having lighting situations control you. From commercial work to weddings to family portraiture, Tony has done it all. Here’s your chance to learn from one of the very best in a typical setting with the challenges you deal with each day.

Jerry Ghionis:
Nobody sees a wedding the way Jerry does. Perfectly ordinary situations become extraordinary images when captured with Jerry’s creativity. His wedding work is incredible, often taking situations most of us would consider impossible and turning them into art. The secret? Learning to photograph through the eyes of a loved one. In this workshop, you’ll learn from Jerry hands-on as he helps you to develop your ability to see the creative potential in some of the most ordinary situations.

Kevin Kubota:
One of the most diverse photographers in our industry, he’s worn a multitude of different hats. He’s an incredible photographer, software developer, teach and author. In Summer School though you’ll have the advantage of expanding your skill set into the realm of Kevin’s new book, The Lighting Notebook. This is all about on location lighting and the hands-on experience to make you a stronger photographer.

Bobbi Lane:
Recently written up as one of thirteen of America’s best photographic instructors by Photo District News, Bobbi is all about portraiture, both commercial and family. She’ll be helping attendees with everything from natural to studio lighting and giving your skill set a jump start on creating high impact portraits. Her primary passion is on location portraiture for editorial and corporate clients, plus “real people” for stock. This is hands-on teaching at its best by one of the country’s very best.

Robert Valenzuela:
“Practice doesn’t make perfect. What if you’re practicing it wrong? Only perfect practice makes perfect!” It’s Roberto’s mantra and nobody teaches creativity in wedding photography better than Roberto. You won’t just be learning how to analyze and dissect a scene, but how to practice with ordinary objects as well as models. As one of our industry’s finest wedding photographers and instructors, Roberto will help you develop a series of exercises to elevate the quality of your images at every wedding you shoot.

Film-making and Storytelling: It’s a special addition to Summer School with Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow, along with a ton of video gear from the MAC Group. They’ll be teaching an intense film-making program for the full two days. Some of you may have met Ross and Jeff on their Get In Motion tour last year. They’re outstanding instructors and the founders Cinestories. Attendees will not only be learning the techniques of video storytelling, but learn how to create their own personal promotional video. This class will redefine the meaning of the word intense as Jeff and Ross pack years of experience into two full days!

Platform Speakers:

Skip Cohen:
Skip’s passion is all for the marketing side of the photo-industry. His experience in the photographic industry started in a black and white lab for a local newspaper in high school and today includes past president of Hasselblad, Rangefinder, WPPI and now Marketing Essentials International. His expertise though, for this year’s Summer School will be on the marketing and business side, especially customer service. He founded Summer School because photography and business are a constant learning experience. He’ll be working with each attendee on their website presentations, especially their About sections and galleries, with the goal of helping each attendee build a stronger brand.

Melissa Ghionis:
Melissa is an outstanding photographer in her own right, but her customer service expertise is drawn from years of experience in the business and legal professions. Those of you who heard her speak at Mystic 7 this past January already have an appreciation for her ability to help you think through the challenges of developing your own pro-active customer service policies. It’s one of the most unique marketing tools you can develop and necessary to establishing your brand awareness.

Catherine Hall:
Since winning WPPI’s Hy Sheanin scholarship several years ago, Catherine has proven herself a dynamo of branding, marketing and presentation. From the pages of Grace Ormonde to Rangefinder and PMA Magazine, she’s repeatedly set the pace for building brand awareness and networking. She’s an outstanding photographer, promoter and marketing instructor. In this special program you’ll pick up ideas you can immediately use to build your reputation and strengthen top-of-mind awareness for your brand.

Scott Bourne:
He’s the most followed photographer on Twitter and founder of so many great programs, including and In this special program Scott will share some stories that demonstrate photographic passion (and risk). We’re talking about a passion for imaging that went far beyond the norm. Passion is that one ingredient in your skill set that has the ability to take your work to incredible heights, but you need to understand it so you can utilize its creative power.

Bob and Dawn Davis, Kevin and Clare Kubota and Vicki and Jed Taufer:
Each of these couples have established themselves as leaders in photography. They’ve worked together for many years successfully. There are more couples working together in photography today than ever before. It’s not easy to work with your spouse, but if you can make it work it’s incredibly rewarding. Three couples, with totally different business models, will share ideas that make it work for them. “It’s difficult when the shoulder you want to cry on is attached to the neck you want to ring!” Vicki Taufer

Sal Cincotta:
Nobody teaches the practical side of running a business like Sal! He’s this year’s closing program and he’ll bring it all together so you leave with a series of practical improvements to your business you can implement almost immediately.This is all about ideas you can take home and put into practice right away.

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