5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Better Sales

One of the most powerful reasons customers decide to spend money is because they find enough value in a product. The reverse is true for a customer who does not find enough value in a product, and therefore will not spend money. The perceived value of a purchase needs to be equal to if not more than the dollar value spent. This is why two photographers can sell the same product from the same lab at prices thousands of dollars apart. Creating value for a client can come in many forms, and when it comes to the value in the artwork we provide them, we must begin creating that value before their first phone call or email. This happens via social media.

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How to Avoid Facebook Blackout

This month, Facebook is testing a plan to move all nonpaid Page posts away from the newsfeed. The Guardian reported that tests by Facebook (in six countries outside the U.S.) caused a devastating 60 to 80 percent fall in user engagement on business Pages. A story on Medium.com described the change as “death to small businesses.” It certainly could be . . . if you don’t know how to adapt. Here’s everything you need to know to avoid the impending blackout before it hits your business.

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