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I haven't received this month's magazine.

Magazines usually start shipping on the first of the month and can take up to the end of the month to arrive depending on your location and local USPS. Due to COVID-19, the post office is experiencing delays - which may also delay your magazine, even if you usually receive it on/by a certain date. 🙂

Because delivery dates are not guaranteed and due to continued delays at the post office, we are unable to send replacement magazines before two months have passed. If you don't receive your magazine by the end of the next month, please let us know and we will be happy to send a replacement.

Not sure if there's a problem with your subscription?

You can check the status of your subscription by going to your account page - at the bottom it will show the status of your Elite Membership. If you recently signed up, keep in mind your first issue will be in two months. (ex: if you signed up in August, you won't receive September)

When will I get my first magazine?

In most cases, you'll receive your first issue two months after signing up. Check the sample dates below for more details. To see when you signed up, you can log in and check your previous orders.

Example shipping/first issue dates:

Sign-up Date: July 31st | First Issue: September

Sign-up Date: August 3rd | First Issue: October

Sign-Up Date: August 15th | First Issue: October

Sign-Up Date: August 24th | First Issue: October

Magazines can take up to the end of the month that they ship to arrive depending on your location and local USPS.

How do I update my shipping address?

To update your shipping address, log in and go to the addresses tab of your account page. Click "Edit" next to your shipping address and enter your new address.

You can expect your magazine to begin shipping to the new address on file in two months. For example, if you change it on July 31st, the August issue will still go to the old address but September will go to the new one. We are unable to change shipping addresses on magazines after we have finalized the mailing list.