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How do I contact someone at the site?

For questions about the magazine or store related issues, please contact Support // info@behindtheshutter.com


Shutter Magazine

The magazine doesnt work! I cant view it on my machine. It doesnt load.

We have tested the magazine on over 10 variations of windows and mac. We assure you, it works. In almost every situation where our users were having trouble viewing the magazine, it has come down to 2 issues. The flash player was not current (or not correctly installed) or anti-virus software was blocking the magazine from downloading and rendering. Please check those two settings.

Does the magazine work on all platforms?

Yes. The magazine was created to be cross platform compatible and works using flash player.

Will it work on my iphone or ipad?

Yes, there is an HTML5 version that will render for your devices. While it is visible on your iphone, that will not provide the best viewing experience. Because of the amount of text involved, it is a much better viewing experience on your ipad.

Is it available in offline mode?

Yes it is. Once you launch the magazine, there is the ability to download files for both the pc and mac. These files allow the magazine to run completely offline and includes the video content as well.

I get an error when I try and open the offline file.

If you are on a mac, this is tied to your security settings 99% of the time. Please go to your System Preferences >> Security and Privacy >> Enable “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere”. Then try to reopen the file. This should do the trick.

Why are the offline files so big?

ShutterMagazine is a paradigm shift in the way content is delivered. It is 100% digital and because of that, we have the unique ability to embed video. When you chose the offline version, you are not only downloading the magazine, you are also downloading the video files. This allows you to be 100% viewable, video and all, in an offline mode. We think that’s pretty cool!

Is there a smaller version to download without the video or a pdf version?

This is a true digital magazine. There is nothing else like it on the market today. Most “digital” magazines are merely a pdf version of their printed edition. However, Shutter Magazine is a TRUE digital magazine providing a multi-media experience for it’s readers. Today, PDF files do not support embedded audio and video, therefore, we have created a robust offline program to support this. When you download the offline version of the magazine, you are downloading all the video and audio so you can view this 100% offline with no internet connection.

***Update*** Be sure to check the blog. We are currently updating it with past issues in pdf versions for you to view offline. In addition, we have a YouTube channel that will allow you to view the videos. BehindtheShutter You Tube Channel.

How do I write for the magazine?

As you can imagine, this is a very common request. And we appreciate your excitement to participate. Please submit your concept and background to sal@cincottaemail.com If we like your idea, we will be in touch with you to explore next steps. Please dont be offended if you dont hear back from someone, we get inundated with submissions on a daily basis. Its nothing personal. :)

Why do I have to create an account to view the magazine if its free?

Unlike traditional magazines who collect your information for the printed subscription, we need this to be able to track circulation numbers for our sponsors, who ultimately allow the magazine to remain free for you. The goal of the magazine is to offer free content to the community and allow us to maintain a high level of education in the industry. In addition, having your email information allows us to contact you with specials, updates to the website, etc.

What is your email policy?

We do not share or sell your email address with anyone. You will only receive emails from us.