From Spec to Sold: How to Sell Spec Video & Photography Work with Christine Yodsukar
Commercial Photography

From Spec to Sold: How to Sell Spec Video & Photography Work

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your dream company hired you for your ideal gig? They love your work, they think you’re the perfect person for the job and they pay you your rate, no questions asked. This does not have to remain a fantasy. One powerful way we have made this happen in our business is by creating spec projects.

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Top 10 Tricks to Edit in Lightroom Faster with Dustin Lucas
Post Production

Top 10 Tricks to Edit in Lightroom Faster

You know that feeling you get when you finish a shoot and realize how many hours you now have to work in post? Wouldn’t it be nice to just import in Lightroom, click a few presets and export files? That’s the point of Lightroom’s efficiency, but there is some additional finessing required to ensure your images are consistent while maintaining your look and feel. Here are 10 tricks to help you get through this grueling season and edit faster.

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How to Keep Your Photography Style Consistent Outside Your Genre with Vanessa Joy

How to Keep Your Photography Style Consistent Outside Your Genre

Whether you’re like me and try to stay within a niche or you’re a photographer who dabbles across the world, staying true to your brand can be difficult when you cross genres. Whether you’re shooting portraits, weddings, headshots, products or seniors, here are some ways to keep consistency throughout your photos.

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5 Truths About Top-Performing Photography Businesses with Michael Anthony

5 Truths About Top-Performing Photography Businesses

While it seems that good photography is the biggest factor behind any successful studio, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, you have to produce consistently good imagery and offer a great customer experience, but that is just part of the equation. This month, I provide you with five truths to help you build a brand that outperforms your competitors.

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Your Dream Studio: Understanding Cost of Sale and Markup with Jeff & Lori Poole

Your Dream Studio: Understanding Cost of Sale and Markup

In last month’s Business Corner, we discussed controlling one of the two types of expenses in your business: general expenses, also known as overhead. This month, we examine the other form of spending, cost of sale. Cost of sale includes all money you spend serving a client.

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How to Find Photography Inspiration with Scott Detweiler

How to Find Photography Inspiration

Just like writers or painters, photographers can run into creative blocks and get stuck in a rut. These creative ruts can last days or even weeks, and in extreme cases of creative drought can also lead to loss of interest in photography altogether. But even if you are always busy with photography, new sources of inspiration can energize and invigorate your spirit and take your work in a new and unexpected direction.

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How to Book New Clients With Facebook Ads with Phillip Blume

How to Use Facebook Ads in Your Photography Business

You may have tried Facebook ads before with little success. If so, you probably just skipped one or two of these easy-to-miss (but important) steps. Let’s review the steps now, and at the end I will show you how to get your photography studio’s engine roaring with yet another very powerful tool.

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One-Light Headshots with Michael Corsentino

One-Light Headshots

Headshots come in many flavors, from clean and commercial to more nuanced, moody affairs. Different kinds of clients need different kinds of headshots. An actor or model’s needs are very different from those of a Realtor or executive. Sometimes you need to create a variety of looks for the same client, especially actors and models.

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The Secrets of Commercial Pricing with Audrey Woulard
Commercial Photography

The Secrets of Pricing Commercial Photography

To a lot of photographers, the various parts of commercial work can be extremely confusing. Many struggle with how to break into commercial work, or figure out how commercial work differs from editorial work. The one thing that’s not often talked about is how to price commercial work.

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Planning and Executing Stylized Commercial Shoots with Alissa Zimmerman
Commercial Photography

Planning and Executing Stylized Commercial Shoots

Stylized commercial shoots offer a great way to collaborate with vendors to create something over the top for your portfolio, as well as theirs. You earn goodwill and build relationships that become mutually beneficial over time. We like to put together two or three of these shoots every year to keep images fresh and relationships alive. The planning process can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re thinking you can do it alone. Here are the key elements of planning and executing a stylized commercial shoot.

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Building Mutually Beneficial Vendor Relationships with Sal Cincotta

Building Mutually Beneficial Vendor Relationships

Recently I was looking at where my wedding referrals were coming from when I noticed that a venue I used to shoot at several times a year had completely fallen off my radar. We had not shot a wedding there in almost five years. How could that be? We picked up the phone, scheduled a meeting with their team and did something about it. Below is how we went from an afterthought to front-runner—and rebuilt a relationship and our portfolio along the way. 

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How to Recognize & Prevent Photography Burnout with Skip Cohen

How to Recognize & Prevent Photography Burnout

One of the hardest things to do as a small business owner, especially artists, is to recognize when you’re approaching burnout. The signs are always obvious when we talk about them, but they’re not when they’re happening. I can’t figure out what’s wrong but I know when I’m off my game. Here are some strategies to think about.

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Social Influencers: The New Commercial with Nino Batista
Commercial Photography

Social Influencers: The New Commercial

Once upon a time, a photographer in any genre would try to get the attention of magazines, newspapers, clothing designers, automakers, restaurants, hospitals, sports teams and music venues in hopes of landing a gig. Whether it was a one-off campaign or steady work on a retainer, the holy grail of good-paying commercial work has always come from big companies. And while the dollar amounts of these major-client jobs is still highly desirable and worth the effort to land, there is a new type of commercial role that has emerged in the last few years, and it’s exploding by the hour: social influencer.

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Your Work Is Great But Your Website Sucks (At Getting You Business) with Gary Hughes

Your Work Is Great But Your Website Sucks (At Getting You Business)

No matter how many people tell you they love your site, if it isn’t bringing in sales, it needs some work. Making changes to it isn’t going to hurt you. Photographers from the commercial and business worlds often understand something that portrait and wedding photographers don’t: Your website needs to be more than a portfolio. Here are five things your website needs to be relevant.

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Shooting Homes for Interior Designers with Amy Bartlam
Commercial Photography

Shooting Homes for Interior Designers

There are a lot of moving parts in shooting a home, and while you may be acquainted with what it takes to shoot a house for real estate, shooting for an interior designer or magazine brings a slightly different set of requirements. Here’s my guide to shooting an interior with an editorial slant.

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The Profoto B10 on the Ferris Wheel

The New Profoto B10 in Action with Sal Cincotta

The Profoto B10 is here and it’s a thing of beauty. The latest in the Profoto lineup, this unit sits perfectly in the lineup for mobile photographers. The B10 hits the mark with both portability and power. As you will see in the video below, I took the light into various lighting situations that a photographer might find themselves in during the course of a typical shoot – outdoors, bright sun, indoors, etc.

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