Black & White Images
Black & White Photography

Ideas for Impactful Black & White Images

There is just something special about black & white imagery. Perhaps it’s the way we look back at the photographs of the masters like Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh and Ansel Adams to name a few, or perhaps it’s the way old movies have a specific feel to them as we watch them in monochrome.

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One Light

Creating Impactful Portraits with One Light

I am a supporter and fan of the beginner photographer. I think as we grow in our profession, we may on occasion forget the road we once traveled. One of the most significant moments in my life was when I first learned how to do off-camera flash.

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Just a Reflector

Lighting is a thing. As photographers, we get it. We know we need light to shape and create. Sure, you could use the ole light and airy and just blow everything out, but what fun would that be?

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Images at Night

Creative Ways to Light Your Images at Night

Pivot. It’s a word you’ve probably heard spoken more in the last 18 months than you might’ve cared to. But no matter who you are, these days we all have to get used to this changing and challenging world.

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Colorful Lighting with Gels

Saturating your photos with colorful lighting can be a showstopper. When blindly scrolling through Instagram or quickly flipping through a magazine, it can instantly catch the eye of the viewer and make them pause.

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Shutter Magazine

Photography training and education for the modern photographer

In today’s competitive landscape, quality online photography training and education is priceless to your growth. Unfortunately, most publications contain a ton of fluff. No real meat to their content. Not at Shutter Magazine. We are committed to the photography community and improving professional photography by providing current, insightful, and in-depth educational content.

Training topics include photography lighting techniques, photography off-camera flash tips, photography posing guides, photography business concepts and marketing strategies, Facebook for photographers, boudoir and glamour photography training, high-school senior photography concepts, IPS (In-Person Sales) strategies, family photography, lightroom tutorials, photoshop how-tos, and much, much more.

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Sal Cincotta created Behind the Shutter to give back to the world of photography. As an up and coming photographer, Sal was struggling to find answers to basic questions. Most of the magazines out there were filled with fluff. Sal needed and wanted to create something that would challenge photographers, something that would educate them.

Sal, an active wedding and portrait photographer in the St Louis metro area, wanted to bring a sense of real world understanding to the magazine and photography education. 

Our mission is to create and elevate the photography community by providing relevant and timely education. At Behind the Shutter, we believe that an educated photography community will raise the bar for all photographers around the world.