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Watch LIVE to see how Sal Cincotta and his team use 17hats to systemize and streamline their photography business.

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You'll learn:

  • How to create templates for your contracts, invoices, questionnaires, and emails
  • How to set up a workflow from start to finish
  • Understanding when and how to use automation
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About Sal Cincotta

Sal Cincotta is a professional photographer and educator based just outside of St. Louis, Missouri in O’Fallon, Illinois. He is best known for his expertise in wedding photography, beauty and portrait photography, as well as high school senior photography.

Sal is a Canon Explorer of Light, and was named the #1 Wedding Photographer in the World by One Eyeland. He is a Double Master of WPPI and a PPA Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) and Master of Photography (M.Photog).

Sal is also the founder of the photography conference, ShutterFest, and is a popular speaker and instructor, offering international hands-on workshops and seminars on a variety of photography-related topics. Sal is known for his energetic and engaging teaching style and is highly regarded in the photography community for his technical knowledge and creative approach.