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Light Shaping Tools: Hands-on with the Profoto B10 & OCF accessories

Profoto B10+ with new OCF accessories

In my opinion, Profoto has created one of the most powerful lighting ecosystems out there! Big lights, small lights, portable lights, fast lights—check, check, check and check.

And while known for its lighting, there is more to creating a great image. Without light shaping tools, we have no control over light.

I am excited to announce the new Profoto OCF light shaping tools. Barn doors, grids, gels and snoots made with magnetic attachments are now available for your Profoto B10 lighting system. Now you have the flexibility to expand your lighting system—and your creativity.

What would you create? Check out my results.

Model: Mariana Garcia | HMUA: Brandi Patton Jewelry: Yoro Creations

OCF II Barn doors

First final image with the new Profoto light shaping accessories

Settings: 1/200 @ f4.0 ISO 200

Second final image with the Profoto Barn Doors OCF accessory

Settings: 1/200 @ f2.0 ISO 50

Close-up of the jewelry on the model

Settings: 1/200 @ f2.8 ISO 200

OCF II Snoot + Grid + Gels

light shaping tools profoto

Settings: 1/200 @ f2.0 ISO 50

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