How I Got The Shot: Soft Light Beauty Portraits With The Profoto B10

Creating great images requires more than just luck. The equipment we use and the techniques we apply all make a difference in your final results.

For this shot, I used a two-light set up with a reflector. Before I dive into the set up and equipment, I want to explain my goals for this shot. I was looking to create something elegant and regal, with warm tones and soft shadows. Now that you understand the goals, the how-to will make a little more sense.

Here is the behind the scenes shot.



1/200th @ f4.5, ISO 200

For the main light, we used a Profoto B10 with a 3×4’ Softbox. This was to create a larger and softer light source with softer shadows. Remember: the larger the light source, the softer the shadows. However, there will still be shadows, so we used a large Profoto Silver Reflector to push back light from the 3×4’ Softbox and softened those shadows.

Now, that glow behind her? That’s not Photoshop. That’s a Profoto B10 with a 20 degree grid and CTO gel to bring in that warm glow. That same light is also functioning as an edge light to give the subject some separation from the background.

The trick to getting that glow is to position the light in the top corner of your image so that only a small piece of it is leaking into your photograph. The results will give you a very unique flare. Try experimenting with different colors and power settings to create something really unique.

I hope you enjoyed this image. Once you start understanding how to use and shape light, the results you can create will truly shock and inspire you to keep pushing your creativity. Get out there and experiment.

FINAL IMAGE SETTINGS 1/200th @ f4.5, ISO 200

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