Small-Space, Single-Light Studio Setup

As a professional portrait photographer, the bulk of my work is done in my studio by choice. From the beginning of my photography career, I have been in love with studio portraiture. As a new photographer, I was eager to learn how to light my subjects through tutorials, online classes and workshops, but the demonstrations were typically held in large spaces with high ceilings.

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Two Lighting Styles, One Journey of Editing

Photography has so many disciplines to master if you want to move freely between lighting styles, composition, story, genres... It feels almost endless. That’s why it’s often recommended to focus on one genre of photography so you can master all of the elements that are typical to that genre.

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Minimal Reception Lighting With Maximum Results

I have never met a photographer that hasn’t struggled with their reception lighting setup and after years of trying to come up with the perfect setup, I’ve slowly realized that like everything else, less is more. With that being said, I want to cover three different types of lighting setups that I use throughout a wedding reception. All three use minimal equipment and all three yield excellent results!

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