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    get legal

    Without written contracts, you expose yourself and your business to a number of risks. They include not getting paid; not maintaining copyright ownership of your images; failing to get a model release, which means you may not be able to use your images in marketing materials; and the biggest one: not setting proper expectations in writing.

    Setting up a clear agreement between you and your clients at the outset means expectations of accountability are set for both photographer and client. And if things go bad for either one of you, you the photographer have a written contract to protect you in a court of law.

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    do you have a contract
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    shutter network

    What is Shutter Network? Shutter Network is all about free online photography training. Shutter Network is the next evolution of Behind the Shutter. It’s real photography education delivered to you in a format that matches your busy lifestyle. Clear and concise information provided by real working professionals. Not just professional photographers, but professionals in their respective industries.

    We are going to bring to you experts from around the world to discuss legal and business issues, branding, search engine optimization, pricing, copyright, sales, social media, building a portfolio, and the plethora of issues you face as a business owner.

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    shutter network
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    high-end sales

    When you want to sell big, the sale has to start from the very beginning. Photographers often expect their images to “sell themselves,” and while this desire is admirable, it’s not sustainable when running a business. High-end sales start with marketing and branding. What image of your business does the marketplace have? What messages is it getting from your marketing?

    When our branding and marketing send the right message, the phone calls that come in start to be more qualified, right from the start, and that should be a goal of any high-end photographer. But what about when you’re just not there yet?

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    high end sales
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    one light

    Back in the Sept. 2013 issue, I explained how to create high key studio lighting that produces magazine-cover results. The setup involved three individual lighting zones, four umbrellas, four reflective panels, two subtractive panels, a beauty dish, a softbox and about a gazillion studio strobes (actually eight).

    This all probably left more than a few heads spinning. I did, however, promise to revisit the topic at a later date and provide a stripped-down version. One that anyone could easily replicate with a very short equipment list that most photographers already have on hand.

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    one light
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    Same-day slideshows were originally created as a marketing tool aimed at wedding reception guests. While they also wow the bride and groom, the primary benefit is being able to show off your work to their friends and family—free, very effective advertising during a time of high emotion. In fact, it’s one of the best marketing tools out there, and one that doesn’t cost us a thing.

    The same-day edits process can be intimidating at first, but it shouldn’t be if you’re just starting out. You can do just 10 percent of the process and still gain incredible brand recognition that will result in leads and bookings down the road.

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