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    How I got the shot

    Every month we will explore the cover shot in-depth to dissect how we got the shot.

    It gives me an opportunity to showcase the behind-the-scenes like never before. There are so many images we look at that make us wonder about the “how.” How did they make that shot? Sometimes it’s the smallest of details that can spark our imagination. I hope that by sharing the details of the shoot, we can spark some new ideas and creativity for you as an artist.

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    how i got the shot
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    shutter network

    What is Shutter Network? Shutter Network is all about free online photography training. Shutter Network is the next evolution of Behind the Shutter. It’s real photography education delivered to you in a format that matches your busy lifestyle. Clear and concise information provided by real working professionals. Not just professional photographers, but professionals in their respective industries.

    We are going to bring to you experts from around the world to discuss legal and business issues, branding, search engine optimization, pricing, copyright, sales, social media, building a portfolio, and the plethora of issues you face as a business owner.

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    shutter network
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    Hard Light

    Great black-and-white and color portraits both start with great lighting. In the studio or on location, it’s the same thing: The better your lighting, the better your result will be, and the less work you’ll need to do in post. What exactly is great lighting?

    It’s illumination that describes volume and shape, that contours, that layers and sculpts surfaces and planes, that heightens or reduces texture, and that helps create mood and drama—anywhere from soft and open to hard and edgy

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    Get into the zone
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    Get more publicity

    While there are dozens of ways to get your name out there, from networking to community involvement to your blog, this month we’re just going to talk about press releases and publicity. Too often, you see a picture in the local paper or read about one of your competitors online and think the exposure is random.

    Well, it’s not. The days of news photographers wandering around looking for stories is long gone. You have to be the one to get the word out, not only to the various publications but the various relevant businesses and, essentially,

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    freshen up