5 Looks 1 Light

Join top photographer Sal Cincotta in this free video where he helps you make the most out of your studio portraits with one light.

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How I got the shot

How I Got The Shot With The Profoto B10 Plus

Lighting makes all the difference in your final images. Too often today, professional and amateur photographers declare themselves “natural light” photographers. In theory and in practice, we should know how to use all types of light. Natural, flash, continuous, hard, soft, you get the idea.

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Instagram growth
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6 Ways to Maximize Instagram Success

You can use Instagram to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, as well as generate sales. Use the tips outlined above to find real clients on Instagram and improve your enterprise’s bottom line.

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Innovate or Die in a Covid World

So where does that leave us? I want to help you navigate that opportunity when it presents itself in the world of photography and ensure you are as prepared for success as you possibly can be. If you are not ready, it will be lost opportunity for you and your business.

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Composite in Photoshop

From Shoot to Edit: Creating a Composite in Photoshop

Compositing is a problem-solving tool and an extension to my photography vision. It adds layers to the idea and helps me be more creative. There are different reasons why you might want to use compositing in your work. Here are some of the reasons why I create composites.

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Fine art editing

Fine Art Portrait Editing

Let me begin with the premise that no fine art ideas — whether surreal, conceptual photography, or from a personal place of exploration — begin with editing. Like all art pieces or even pure photographs, editing is only as good as the original image and concept, as long as it is shot correctly with the proper forethought and attention to detail.

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Covid Creativity

Learning to pivot is something all business people need to be able to do, and this is probably the most significant example any of us have encountered. It is also an opportunity to sharpen skills that can turn heads and win jobs that help differentiate you from the crowd of folks with cameras.

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Senior Photography
Recently On Behind the Shutter

Portrait Photography for High School Seniors

The key is to really think about how you can mix your style with their personality and create an image that not only satisfies those involved in the shoot but also elicits a response from the viewer. Once you have completed this “triangle” you have made something special.

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Recently On Behind the Shutter

Breaking the Code of Fantasy Storytelling

However, when it comes to photography, we can actually tell a great story with just two elements: the characters and the setting. Since our medium is a visual one, each image we create needs to have those two key integral components and the audience does the rest.

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Free Photography Education

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Final Cut Pro X Workflow for Videographers

Empty your mind of everything you know about traditional NLEs and allow yourself, as Yoda says, to unlearn what you have learned. If you’re new to the field of video editing, this will be more like learning a new language at a young age as opposed to trying to learn Mandarin at age 35 on your first trip to Shanghai.

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Recently On Behind the Shutter

Top 3 Reasons Why I Still Use Film

So why do I still shoot film, when clearly digital cameras offer so many advantages over traditional analog film? I’ve been asked this a lot at workshops and conferences where I’ve spoken.

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Canon R5

Is the Canon R5 Worth It?

When production models of the Canon EOS R5 hit the streets, the internet was littered with videos about the camera overheating. I even contributed to the fury. But in this article, like in the video I posted, I will focus on what the camera can do rather than what it can’t do.

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What is behind the shutter?

Behind the Shutter is a free online photography training and educational resource created to help both professional and amateur photographers run successful photography businesses – covering lighting, posing, social media, marketing, post-production, pricing, sales and more.

Sal Cincotta created Behind the Shutter to give back to the world of photography. As an up and coming photographer, Sal was struggling to find answers to basic questions. Most of the magazines out there were filled with fluff. Sal needed and wanted to create something that would challenge photographers, something that would educate them.

Sal, an active wedding and portrait photographer in the St Louis metro area, wanted to bring a sense of real world understanding to the magazine and photography education. 

Our mission is to create and elevate the photography community by providing relevant and timely education. At Behind the Shutter, we believe that an educated photography community will raise the bar for all photographers around the world. 

Shutter Magazine

Photography training and education for the modern photographer

In today’s competitive landscape, quality online photography training and education is priceless to your growth. Unfortunately, most publications contain a ton of fluff. No real meat to their content. Not at Shutter Magazine. We are committed to the photography community and improving professional photography by providing current, insightful, and in-depth educational content.

Training topics include photography lighting techniques, photography off-camera flash tips, photography posing guides, photography business concepts and marketing strategies, Facebook for photographers, boudoir and glamour photography training, high-school senior photography concepts, IPS (In-Person Sales) strategies, family photography, lightroom tutorials, photoshop how-tos, and much, much more.

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