Creating the Boudoir Experience

I remember my first boudoir client. I had previously photographed her wedding, and she wanted to do a shoot for her husband as an anniversary gift. My studio was awkwardly laid out, and it had almost no natural window light, but I did my best to create beautiful images.

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Two-Light Portraits with Craig LaMere

In my previous articles, I’ve talked about how light patterns are the building blocks of what I do and how I create those patterns. With a firm understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each pattern, you can create any look or mood you want, using them singularly or combining them.

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9 ways to improve your boudoir business

Whether or not we’re doing great work and making good money, the essential factor necessary for happiness in our profession is finding meaning in our work. It’s easy for us to get caught up in lighting, posing, pricing and all the other aspects of running a photography business...

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