5 Tips for Better Boudoir Photos

Better Boudoir Photos

5 Tips for Better Boudoir Photos with Michael Anthony

Boudoir photography is something that every wedding photographer should be thinking about offering. There are more than a few reasons why.

First, the number one question that photographers ask has to do with finding new clients. As a wedding photographer, you already have clients that you could not only market to, but are likely in need of that service.

It was back in 2015 when I had a triple-header weekend. At all three of the weddings, I photographed the groom opening a boudoir album created by some other photographer. When I saw this, I immediately knew that there was a need in the market for this new type of service. To my surprise, once I started offering it to my wedding clients, we instantly filled our calendar.

To date, 62% of our wedding clients do a boudoir session with us, and our boudoir sessions average between $1,500-$1,700 in sales. When you look at 130 weddings per year, that is about $135,000 in additional income—without spending a single additional dollar on ad spend.

So if that doesn’t convince you that you need to start offering this service to your clients, I will seriously question if you like making money or not.

But that being said, getting into boudoir photography did not come without its challenges. Boudoir is the most complicated form of photography to shoot in my opinion. Your subjects don’t typically have clothing to cover themselves with, they are usually not professional models, and on top of all of that, they will often feel uncomfortable being half-naked in front of a near stranger.

This is why photographing boudoir has to be done in a delicate manner. It has taken years for me to learn exactly how to photograph boudoir, and in the process I picked up a few tips that I think can help you if you are looking to get better at the craft. So here are my five tips for taking better boudoir photos.

Better Boudoir Photos

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