How To Get Started In Boudoir Photography

How To Get Started In Boudoir Photography with Jasmin Jade

As a new boudoir photographer, one of the most difficult things for me to understand was pricing. Even though I had been in business as a family photographer for a couple of years, I wanted to change my pricing structure to make profit and steer away from “shoot and burn.”

Not only was pricing very hard to understand, but I did not know what to sell, how to sell it or where to find the products.

Pricing yourself is not easy. Pricing yourself for profit is a difficult task, especially for a beginner photographer. Finding the pricing range for you and what products to sell starts with finding your ideal client first. Who do you want your ideal client to be? Who do you want to bring into your studio? Who do you want to attract? You need to start from there.

I wanted to make profit, so I needed to set my prices for that and furthermore attract the kind of client who would pay my worth and who loves photography as much as I do.

The number one rule with selling products is to keep it simple. You can very easily get overwhelmed with all the different companies that offer canvases, albums, prints, embossed boxes, USBs, and the list can go on! There are so many amazing products to sell to your clients that are fabulous, but when starting out with products, it’s best to pick only a couple of companies.

Choose products that reflect your style as a boudoir studio and brand but also some that you think will be perfect for your ideal clients. These are the products that you personally would want to display in your home and ones that you genuinely will get excited about showing off.

In my experience, almost every client will purchase products from their boudoir session. Boudoir sessions are different than family sessions because this isn’t exactly the type of session that they are going to take somewhere to print themselves. Most of my clients in the past have always invested in an album either for themselves, the enjoyment of their significant other or as a groom’s gift.

First, you need to decide what type of product you want to offer to your clients. I always suggest offering albums. They have been my top selling product of all time.

The top seller for me as a new boudoir photographer was always the little black book that I offered with my middle package. Nowadays I sell my little black book together with a big album.

Once you decide on what type of products to offer, start to research the companies that offer these products and pick one or two that you think align with your style as a brand, what your ideal clients will love, and that have the quality that you expect.

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