3 Creative Ideas For Your Motherhood Photoshoots

If you’re a photographer and you’ve ever worked with babies, you know how challenging it can be! As a portrait photographer specialized in maternity portraits, my clients often desire another photoshoot after the pregnancy session to have beautiful portraits with their precious baby.

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Maternity Posing

If you’re a portrait photographer, you know how important it is to master posing, especially if you work with clients who are not professional models. As a portrait photographer specialized in maternity portraits, my eye is trained to look for poses and angles that flatter every woman’s body shape while showing the belly and the curves of pregnancy.

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Haute Momma: Maternity Boudoir 101

There is no better boudoir client than an expecting mother. Most women are rocking a shape much curvier than they normally have and they love being reminded of the sexy, gorgeous individuals they are. Maternity and boudoir portraits are usually kept between the couple. They are intimate sessions. Crossing the two is a match made in heaven. Here are four things to give you a head start on fantastic maternity boudoir sessions.

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Creating Images That Stand Out

You know me: I’m all about stopping the scroll, standing out and using dynamic maternity to build one’s brand and gain the audience’s attention. Changing things up isn’t that hard. It doesn’t require money or new equipment. It’s simply making small adjustments and mostly playing to find new ways to capture amazing images. Here are some great ways to change the game and blaze your own path.

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Marketing for Maternity Portraits

You have heard me say it once, and you will hear me say it at least a million more times. Maternity portraits are huge. The mindset that women will not invest in maternity portraits because they want to put their real investment in newborn portraits is hogwash. How do I know? Because I am living proof that these soon-to-be mommas will spend big bucks on their maternity portraits. So now comes the huge question: How do we find those expecting mommas who want to drop some serious bills for their maternity portraits? It’s that million-dollar word: marketing.

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3 Hidden Benefits of Mastering Maternity Photography

Many photographers seem to think that maternity work is too niche, too cliché, too Pinteresty. Why would you want to add it to your portrait business? Sure, the maternity portrait industry is pretty much one note—same poses, same outfits, same editing style—but your images don’t have to be. Creating a signature style, an outstanding client experience and showstopping imagery can produce higher sales and also bring you three hidden benefits.

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