A Zno Review: The Power of Printing Your Work

Reviewing the Folio Box + Prints USB Set from Zno

I love photographing women in a soft and elegant way. There’s nothing better than seeing your clients’ faces light up when they see themselves in the final images. What’s even better than showing these women how beautiful they are in photos? Delivering a final, tangible product they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

The Folio Box Prints + USB Set from Zno is the perfect way to deliver a final product to my clients. This simple, elegant product allows me to showcase a small collection of their best images in a way that can be displayed both physically and delivered digitally on a branded thumb drive.

The Ordering Process.

I like simple and efficient workflows. Any system that’s overcomplicated, when it comes to ordering products, will immediately turn me off and I will abandon the order completely. I like visually pleasing websites that walk you through the ordering process step-by-step.

The Zno Designer, their cloud-based design tool, was such a seamless process to go through when ordering my client’s folio box prints + USB set. It was quick and easy to upload my images, select my materials, drag and drop my images into the folio prints, preview everything together, and hit submit.

One of my biggest complaints when ordering product sets like this that come with a box that can be customized is not being able to see everything together in preview mode. I like to match my materials to the theme color(s) of the shoot vs. sticking to one color that matches our studio brand. When you’re customizing like this, it’s crucial to be able to see material colors side-by-side with the images being printed so you can have full vision into a cohesive overall look.

I really like the ability to add simple text to the front of the box—another thing that can be easily previewed with the material color you select, the color of the font. It’s a very small but classy addition that adds a nice piece of personalization to the overall product.

The Quality of the Product.

This one actually left me speechless. It never gets old seeing your work printed, but the way this whole set arrived fully assembled and perfectly packaged, I imagine this is the giddy feeling our clients get when they receive their prints for the first time.

The fine art paper is like butter. The color quality in these prints is top-notch, and the edge detail in the matting on the beveled edges is so beautifully done. The mats are thick and durable and just feel good in your hands. You can truly feel the quality in every single piece of this set.

I love how everything had a cohesive matte feel—from the linen fabric box, to the satin ribbon that wasn’t too shiny, to the crisp white mats, and the matte fine art paper—it all just feels and looks so luxurious and high-end. When your products are top-quality like this, it makes selling to your clients a breeze. Which brings me to my next point.

What Type of Clients Would Want These Sets?

The Folio Box Prints + USB Set is perfect for any client, but I find that portrait sessions are the best fit. Not every client wants giant prints of themselves hanging on their walls, especially if you specialize in boudoir, glamour, beauty portraits.

This set is the perfect way to deliver printed products to clients who want to give these as a gift to their spouse or significant other. It’s also an excellent product set for someone who just wants printed photos of themselves to celebrate a moment in their lives. It doesn’t have to be on display, but the quality and overall look of the box is simple and elegant enough that it could be a centerpiece on a coffee table.

I am really looking forward to delivering this set to my client to see the joy on her face when she sees it for the first time. I am so happy she gets to have these images to cherish with her family for generations. I love this product so much, I am looking forward to ordering this set with images of myself as a gift for my husband!


Alissa Cincotta

Alissa Cincotta graduated with a degree in television production and has been a part of the Salvatore Cincotta team since 2011. Today she is behind the camera regularly as Sal’s second shooter and as the executive producer and camera operator for Salvatore Cincotta Films and Behind the Shutter. Alissa is the Editor-in-chief for Shutter Magazine and serves as Sal’s right hand, managing daily operations within the family of Salvatore Cincotta brands.


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