Lead Nurturing, Part 2: Try, Buy, Refer and Repeat

For the past few months in The Business Corner, we’ve been discussing using certain digital tools to attract and nurture leads. In theory, our lead is now ready to make the leap. But once they buy, it’s important not to end the nurture sequence. In fact, there are additional steps to the sales funnel once the lead becomes a client.

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5 Tips for Turning Difficult Clients into Happy Ones

If a photographer has never experienced a client who did not like their photos, had unrealistic demands, or was just not a very nice person, then that photographer has not been in business long enough. The reasons why customer service issues tend to happen in our industry are numerous, but the one thing that they can always be traced back to is not managing client expectations properly.

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From Inspiration to Innovation

We all want to grow. To grow our business and our photography to that ever-elusive next level. The truth is, you can’t just sit around and wait for the next big growth spurt to come knocking down your door. If you’ve got a new idea that you need to get out into the world, you’re going to have to stretch those creative muscles and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Standing Out From a Crowd

When working with your clients, there are a few things that might seem elementary and like common sense, and yet they are critical to your overall success: being upbeat and friendly, being professional, being on time, being prepared, being well-dressed, having a photographic vision or direction (even when following a creative approach), and knowing your equipment inside and out.

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Creating Vendor Partnerships

Building relationships with a team of individuals who are in your industry will help you with longevity, no matter what changes in the world of online marketing. As you continue to build your network, you will see that as a byproduct, your bookings will tend to increase. You will see more mentions of your brand on social media, and you will constantly get more opportunities to help new clients.

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An Interview with Momma C: The Woman Who Made the Man

“Don’t forget—I made you!” While on the surface, it’s a silly joke between her and me, it has planted this reverence in my mind. Mothers (and fathers) shape who we are. The mothers of great people must be great themselves. It is with that idea in mind that I approached Shutter’s ultimate den mother: Terri Cincotta, affectionately known as Momma C.

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Taking an Influencer Program to Uncharted Waters

The way I see it is this: Connection is just another form of creativity. Connections are the lifeblood of my business model and will continue to drive my reach, my awareness, and my revenue. My willingness to connect has allowed me to have true freedom—freedom to help others, freedom to inspire others, freedom from the opinions of others.

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How to Use Photography to Give Back

Remember, you are the boss of YOU! You control where you volunteer. You control the amount of work you do. You control the time you give. Don't ever forget that. Don't get me wrong, it can feel GREAT to volunteer, to assist others, to help change people's lives, but if it starts to affect your personal life in negative ways, you may come to resent volunteering.

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