#Instagram Marketing

  #InstagramMarketing by Catherine Guidry A few days ago, I was deep in a conversation about business. My friend "Susan" discussed her frustration with social media and how she could never quite wrap her head around the how and why of it? Not only are there a ton of social media…
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How To Get on the Map with Google’s Search Results

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me how to get their business to appear on Google Maps in SERPs (search engine results pages). The map results still use Google’s algorithm to determine ranking here, but with more emphasis on certain factors. Here are some of those factors.PHYSICAL ADDRESS This is your physical address in the city of the search. If you do not have a physical location in the city, do not try to fool Google by getting a P.O. box or using a fake address. You can still rank organically in the search, but without a legitimate physical location in the actual city of search, or if you are in a suburb or a short distance away from the targeted city, you will most likely not show up on the top of the map results.
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