5 Expert Tips for Child Photography

As I write this article from New York, it’s mid-April and the world is still grappling with the effects of the coronavirus. I can only assume that by publication date, not much will have changed. My career has always revolved around spreading joy, and like many of you I’ve found the last 15 months or so very challenging with the virus

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Editing Travel Photos with Lightroom: Tips & Tricks

How can you make a better image if you don’t know what makes an image better? The very first sentence is important so here goes… If you want to start realizing your potential as a photographer, start recognizing the potential in your photographs. Your photos are MUCH better than you think.

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Capturing the Perfect Shot

What draws you to a certain photograph? What elevates a photo to outstanding? I strive for my photos to draw in the attention of my viewers, to engage them and inspire them. Once I conquered the technical aspects of my camera, I began to look for ways to improve my photography. As an amateur photographer, I always need to be on my feet because you never know when the perfect shot is going to come. I have discovered different tips and tricks to capture the perfect photo. Here are a few of them.

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