6 Ways to Maximize Instagram Success

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6 Ways to Maximize Instagram Success with Vanessa Joy

With one billion active users, Instagram is among the leading social media networks. The visual-centric platform is not just for millennials to share beautiful photos and videos, but also for enterprises looking to thrive. Your photography business can leverage Instagram to increase brand visibility, improve customer engagement, and generate leads and sales.

Forget about getting more likes and followers. You can use Instagram to get more customers without a wild amount of either of those things. In this article I’ll explain six effective ways to thrive on Instagram and drive sales.

1.  Post Consistently

On Instagram, posting consistently is fundamental to get clients walking through your door or visiting your online store.

As for the frequency, the secret is to develop a consistent posting schedule that you can maintain. For instance, if you decide to post several times a day, ensure you can consistently maintain it. If you have been posting multiple times a day and transition to a few times a week, you may lose followers—prospects—and decrease post engagement.  

Consider posting at least once every day or every other day. Publish at least one post on your regular feed and around 5 to 10 Stories daily. While posting regularly on IG may take time and effort, the payout is worth it. You get clients for your business, resulting in increased sales and improved bottom line.

Notably, do not post for the sake of it. Publish quality content that will resonate with your audience and of course show off your photography work and strengths.

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