3 Instagram Traffic Tips for Photographers

Instagram Traffic

3 Instagram Traffic Tips for Photographers with Vanessa Joy

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed that lately engagement has been down. Don’t worry. It’s not you. I have been checking out so many different accounts, large and small, and I’ve noticed a 50% drop off in engagement overall, whether these accounts have 300 followers, 300,000 followers, or anywhere in between.

I can’t really tell you why this is happening other than perhaps it’s related to recent news. Facebook has admitted to losing a ton of followers in the last quarter. This might be because people are simply fed up with social media after almost two solid years of being on social media thanks to lockdowns and lack of social interaction in person. But whatever it is, there are ways that you can fight the system and still feel good about your Instagram Traffic.

Number one, keep it consistent. The most important thing about any social media is consistency. You don’t want to have people look at your profile and see you haven’t posted in months or even weeks and it looks like you aren’t a business anymore. It looks like you might be a hack or your business is going downhill. None of these things are messages that you want to send to your potential clients. You could, of course, change up your posting consistency. And instead of dedicating to one post a day, maybe you’re going to do one post every other day.

Number two, switch up your style of content. Most of us photographers are pretty good at just posting in general. But since we are fighting the algorithm and whatever is going on right now, may I suggest trying something different, something other than a regular feed post. Dare I say it, try making a reel. You don’t have to dance around on a reel. You can simply do something that’s trending, something that’s funny, or something that gives information. The best way to start making reels is to go watch reels yourself until you find ones that make you laugh or teach you something. And then make your own version of it. On Instagram, you can save reels so that later you can go back and reenact them for your own account.

Instagram Traffic

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