Episiode 6 // Same-Sex Marriage

Episiode 6 // Same-Sex Weddings



Understanding and Photographing Same-Sex Marriage

In today’s free photography training episode, we talk about same-sex marriage across the United States— understanding them, marketing them, state laws and more! This is a topics we can’t afford to ignore as business owners and professional photographers.

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On this episode of Shutter Network

Opening Segment

Sal discusses the use and banning of drones across the country, potential issues and challenges currently facing Hasselblad, and the basic photography technique that was recently patented by Amazon.

Industry Expert Segment

Sal Cincotta and guests Kathryn Hamm and Thea Dodds, co-authors of “The New Art of Capturing Love”, discuss the market for same-sex marriage across the country, the benefits and challenges facing photographers in this niche, legal ramifications, and more!

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