2-Minute Critiques | Episode 15

So once again, like everything else, how can we make it better? No matter what level you're at, this is good control of light, good editing, we haven't blocked up the shadow so the shadow details there. You've got a black dog, you've got a kind of an ivory tan sweater, you've got all the detail there. So the person, kudos to the maker for hanging onto that detail in this. But once again, how do we make it better? And just like the last image we looked at, I'm going to get on you for cropping. I may... Sometimes I'll give you a latitude on cropping at the head. I do this all the time. I like it because top of the head sometimes just gets in the way. This gets us into the shot.

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2-Minute Critiques | Episode 14

This image is very sloppy. Nothing against the maker. We have decent lighting, a hair light, and some nice light dripping on the shoulder, but there’s other issues with this portrait. When I say something like this is sloppy, I’m talking about retouching. So, from a retouching perspective, if you look closer, you’ll see what I’m talking about here.

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2-Minute Critiques | Episode 11

You've got a choice to make. You always have to ask yourself, the space that's being left when we leave some negative space, some head room, is it helping or hurting the image? And you know, when photographers get together and they start critiquing stuff like this, if it's not helping, the argument is always made that it's hurting, right?

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