ShutterFest 2016



St Louis, MO | March 29th and 30th | Extreme March 31st

Welcome to the ShutterFest 2016 page. Here, you will find most of the information you need for the event. Is everything covered? Of course not, it’s ShutterFest baby! ShutterFest is the UN-Conference! ShutterFest is not meant to structure your entire life by sitting in conference room after conference room. Say goodbye to death by PowerPoint. This is YOUR conference! Make it what you want. Make it about you. Shoot. Learn. Party. That’s the mantra here.

First time here? Well, take everything you know about conferences and forget it! ShutterFest is all about community. We are one big family. Everyone here loves photography and wants what’s best for the industry. It’s not about rock star mentality, it’s about growing as an artist and being around like-minded people who share the same love and passion you do.

If you are tired of the same old conference format and being lost in the crowd, then come enjoy a more intimate setting where you can network with peers and work side-by-side with some of the leading professional photographers and educators in the world!

ShutterFest is not just a conference. It’s an EXPERIENCE!




General Registration // $199

Location // St Louis, Union Station

Date // March 29th and 30th, 2016





**NEW ShutterFest Extreme** // March 31st, 2016 // LIMITED SEATING // $449

This includes your General Admission ticket to ShutterFest and the 3rd day. This will NOT be available to the entire event. This will be limited to 500 people – classroom style. You asked for a 3rd day and we have put something together for you that will rival any business course on the planet. 1 FULL-Day of business from some of the best in the business. We all know you are great photographers, but great photographers can be broke photographers. This course is geared towards giving you access to some of the smartest business and creative minds to help you solidify and expand your business.

This is perfect for the photographer that needs that extra business help or the photographer that will be shooting for 2 straight days at ShutterFest.

IMPORTANT MUST SELECT General Registration + Extreme $449.00 at check out.


There will be 6 tracks for the day with multiple experts in the field teaching their respective topics. Lunch is included. We are working on a special GUEST BUSINESS SPEAKER.

  • Developing your business plan for today’s competitive market.
  • Building a marketing strategy that can change your business tomorrow.
  • Developing your brand – logo, website, packaging with real-world examples.
  • SEO – get found on Google NOW.
  • Running big dollar sales sessions in-person, on-line or via Skype.
  • First time ever – Sal will teach and show you how to shoot and EDIT for a Signature Edit.



**EXTREME ONLY // March 31st ONLY // This ticket is for people who forgot to add Extreme to their General Registration 








Hilton Ballpark // $139 night


There will be shuttle service running between the hotels throughout the day.


Union Station ShutterFest Discounted Room Rate // $159 night // SOLD OUT!!!!

Goodie Bag // Yes, as always, goodie bags will be there for the host hotel and will be filled with bigger and better options!




Speaker Name Sponsored by Courses // ** = Hands-On
Web Site
Sal Cincotta Sal Cincotta speakersponsor_MZusman //Topics coming soon. Hey, I am running the event, cut me some slack. :)
BCantrell_125x125 Bambi Cantrell BayLogo //5 simple steps to better wedding photography.
//The unconventional portrait session. **
//Creating glamour from garbage. **
SLimm_125x125 Scott Robert Lim
//The art of wow. Creating your signature style. **
//Killer one light setups. **
//Secrets to booking the $10k wedding.
VJoy_125x125 Vanessa Joy  profoto_125x125 //Off-camera flash for the natural light photographer. Part 1.
//Off-camera flash for the natural light photographer. Part 2. **
//Get real. Real photography real fast and get back to real life.
CLamere_125x125 Craig Lamere
//Off-camera flash for athletes. **
//Posing and shooting families. **
//Shooting Kick-Ass engagement pictures. **
Blair Phillips Blair Phillips
 sf_hhcolor__125px //Get out there and shoot. Outdoor lighting challenges and solutions to everyday problems. **
//Business stability. Shooting what you love and make lots of money doing it.
//Pump up the volume. Volume photography and high profits.
Sherry Hagerman Sherry Hagerman //The transition. Going from part-time photographer to full-time photographer – a how-to.
//How to expand your business by adding more shooters.
//Everything you need to know to be successful at bridal shows.
LNordstrom_125x125 Lori Nordstrom //The portrait event system.
//Kids couture. **
//Studio kids. **
PBlume_125x125 The Blumes  shootq-simply //Timeless vs Time-Stamped – turn your digital negatives dilemma into a positive.
//When photo met video – a love story for forward-thinking shutterbugs. **
//Magic by the numbers – a left-brained guide to the rules of flash photography. **
Moshe Zusman Moshe Zusman speakersponsor_MZusman //Perfect venue lighting.
//Breaking into a new market.
//Head shots with a fashion kick. **
SCohen_125x125 Skip Cohen //Midnight Madness: Go clean your room.
//Creating a promotional calendar.
MCorsentino_125x125 Michael Corsentino //One light only.**
//Mad studio lighting skillz.
//Location lighting skills on the go.
Matthew the Body  Matthew the Body //$30k in one day. Team and Individual Photography.
//Why your business is broke.
//Groupon for Dummies.
JHong_125x125 Justen Hong //Building a strong visual brand to command higher prices.
//SEO for photographers – intro.
//SEO for photographers – advanced.
JSwitzer_125x125a Joey Switzer //Average Joe Film-making.
//Mastering Motion. **
//GoPro. **
David Beckham  David Beckham  //Making seniors feel beautiful. **
//Off-camera flash that doesn’t look like a flash. **
//A senior model program that will set you apart.
William Innes William Innes speakersponsor_WInnes //The art of getting more clients.
//Engaging engagement sessions. **
//Take the work out of your photography business.
Dave Doeppel Dave Doeppel //Pinups. Pinups. Pinups. **
//Beauty retouching with Lightroom and Photoshop.
//Lightroom Tips and Tricks.
BCaporicci_125x125 Bryan Caporicci //Take back your 80% – spend more time doing what you love and make more money.
//Pricing for profit – how to make a living from photography.
//Print to preserve – how to sell prints to digital clients.
Lori DaCosse  Lori DeCosse, J.D. //Business structures and Strategies. Protect your business.
//Intellectual Property. Establishing and protecting your creative genius.
Melanie Anderson Melanie Anderson //SENIORS! Achieving $3k sales averages.
//Extreme Seniors.**
//Urban Seniors. **
TDodds_125x125 Thea Dodds //Same-sex weddings: Nationwide opportunities.
//Posing two brides or two grooms. **
//Posing two bride or two grooms. (Offered 2x) **
The-Yodsukars The Yodsukars
//Get lit. Storytelling with light.
//Shoot like a commercial photographer. **
//Gorgeous reception lighting made easy. **
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony
 speakersponsor_MAnthony //Creative color balance using flash gels. **
//Advanced lighting concepts for wedding photographers. **
//Advanced posing techniques for wedding photographers. **
scott_detweiler Scott Detweiler
//Conceptual portraits. **
//Thinking with light. **
//Quick post production game changers.
Joan Whitman Hoff Joan Whitman Hoff
//Building your business with integrity.
//Good ethics is good business.
//Resolving conflict ethically with peers, employers, employees, and clients.
Jeff & Christine Tonkin The Tonkins
//Seniors want fun, creativity, and to be different. **
//Earning trust from your HS seniors and their parents.
//Details determine dollars. Senior posing, lighting, experience. **
Jewels Gray Jewels Gray
//Basic make-up techniques for today’s photographer.
//Contouring and avant-garde make-up techniques for today’s photographer.
//Rock your styled shoots. Part 1
//Stylized Shoot – capture the story, the details and the subject. Part 2 **
VGrech_125x125 Victoria Grech
//Video Fusion 101 – Beginners guide to fusion. **
//Cinematography – Advanced topics. **
//How to sell your way through life. Sales made easy.
Alicia Damico Alicia D’Amico
 //Your story is your currency. Finding inspiration.
//Creative Maternity: Living Art. **
//Beneath the Surface. Underwater photography. **
Tyann Marcink Tyann Marcink
//How to make money on vacation.
//The psychology of marketing images for vacation rentals.
//Staging and shooting a vacation rental property. **
SClements_125x125 Sarah Clements
//Fashion and styling hacks for the everyday photographer. **
//The beauty of dark art. **
//Fine art editing.
JLPoole_125x125 Jeff Poole & Lori Unruh
//Take charge of your income.
//Conceptual funk – escape the ordinary w fun stylized shoots. **
//The perfect album – Album workflow from concept to completion.
Jenna Martin Jenna Martin
//Diving into underwater portraiture. (PENDING -Still getting clearance from hotel) **
//Editing underwater photos.
//Underwater posing and lighting. **
AHoyt_125x125 Alecia Hoyt
//Boudoir – 3 successful strategies for bringing in new clients.
//Boudoir – Posing for different body types. **
//Boudoir – Flow posing for album sales. **
BDemint_125x125 Brian Demint
//Creativity not conformity. **
//Portfolio building: designer fashion. **
//Hands on styling and shooting. **
Laura Schumpert Laura Schumpert
//Art as therapy.
//Finessing your message in Fine Art photography. **
//Getting started in Fine Art photography.
lenny volturo Leonardo Volturo
//Studio Essentials.
//Strobe-light shootout. **
//Concept to completion. **
Hannah Marie Head Shot SF Hannah Marie
17hats_SpeakerSponsorLogo_V2 //Shooting for albums. Bigger sales and happier clients. **
//In-Person Sales | How to make a smooth transition.
//Organize and Automate for a better customer experience.
Hernan Rodriguez Hernan Rodriguez
Tamron_SpeakerSponsorLogo //A master class in color.
//Behind every great portrait is a great background. **
//The power of the face.
Jaime Ibarra Jaime Ibarra
//Creating other worlds in Photoshop.
//Creating art with alternative light sources.**
//Creative posing – see beyond the rules. **
Kristina Sherk Kristina Sherk
//Masking – rethought.
//Time-saving beauty retouching techniques.
//Retouching portraits in Lightroom.
Brittany Silver Brittany Silver
//Getting started with senior reps.
//Getting the most out of your senior reps.
//Traditional senior portraits meets modern modeling. **
Nino Batista Nino Batista
//Commercial glamour. **
//Soft glamour. **
//Glamour high-end retouching.
Miguel Quiles Miguel Quiles
Tamron_SpeakerSponsorLogo //Dramatic portraiture. **
//Head-shot and Portrait fundamentals. **
//Beauty Photography – achieving that commercial look. **
Katy Winterflood Katy Winterflood
//Vision to Execution – 4-steps for achieving creative results with a creative team.
//No Studio? No Problem! **
//Shooting Fashion & Beauty Portraits on a Budget. **
Joel-Grimes Joel Grimes
//The Creative Revelation | Platform
//Take the Mystery Out of Lighting**
//Post Edgy Photoshop Techniques**
Sandy Puc Sandy Puc
//Simplify Life**
//Bellies to Baby and Beyond**
//Marketing for Success
James Schmelzer James Schmelzer
//Better Understanding of Studio Lighting **
//Outdoor Lighting Techniques **
//Lighting – Shooting – Editing – Cinemagraphs **
Lou Freeman Lou Freeman
//Shape Shift Directing & Posing Techniques for Fashion, Glamour, and Boudoir Photography **
//The Art of Glamour and Boudoir Lighting **


Speaker Application

Want to be a speaker? Try again next year – the speaker lineup for 2016 is closed.




Where will the event be held?

The event will be held at the incredible St Louis Union Station. We will, once again, have the entire facility to ourselves – dedicated to ShutterFest.

Should I book my hotel?

Yes. DO NOT WAIT! The last two years, the hotel sold out in record times. We have pre-negotiated an amazing rate at the host hotel – take advantage of it. There will be networking and events all day and night being at the host hotel is well worth it. SEE ABOVE FOR HOTEL INFO.

What should I expect as an attendee?

Expect to learn more than you have ever learned before. ShutterFest is like no other conference out there. Not because we say so, but because your peers have said so. At this one-of-a-kind event you will have access to speakers like never before. They are here because they care about our industry and want to share EVERYTHING they know. No rockstar mentality. You will network with your fellow photographers, make friends for life, and enjoy access to some of the best education available.

Will the format be the same as 2015?

Yes, for the most part. We plan on doing platform, breakout, lunch, platform, breakout. In addition, we will have the Rent-a-Human program ramped and even better than last year!

Will I be able to shoot?

Of course you will! That’s what makes ShutterFest so unique. You will have access to shooting bays with professional lighting equipment. You will also have access to hands-on courses being taught by our incredible speaker line-up. In addition, you will be able to grab a model and go out and shoot your own ideas and concepts.

Is there an extra fee for any courses?

NOPE! Another amazingly unique feature of ShutterFest. No hidden fees. Your one fee gives you access to all courses.

Will I be able to use images in my portfolio?

Of course you will. We have heard horror stories of other conferences placing limitations on how the photos can be used, forcing you to use the conference logo, etc. We find that to be ridiculous. All models have signed a model release form giving you the ability to use your images in your portfolio, website, social media, etc.

What if I want to shoot the entire time?

Have at it! ShutterFest has a flexible schedule with a mix of hands-on instructor led courses, shooting bays, models, and of course, platform classes. You can create a schedule that works for you and your educational needs.

Is there a certain skill level I should be?

Absolutely not. Come one, come all. That’s our motto. We all start somewhere and you will find that ShutterFest attendees are open and willing to help and our instructors know how to teach to every level of student.

What topics will be covered?

Another unique aspect to ShutterFest is the breadth of knowledge you will have access to. While the course list is being finalized over the next few months here is what you can expect. Legal issues and challenges, small business accounting, branding and marketing, lighting, posing, pricing your work, weddings, seniors, families, babies, and more. Trust us, the biggest problem you are going to have is figuring out how to take all the amazing courses you want in two days!

After I purchase my ticket what should I do?

Well, start counting down the days. But, get plugged in to our Facebook group. You will get a link in your receipt where there is a private ShutterFest group with a community of photographers who have built a positive environment for sharing and learning with one another.

Is there a goodie bag this year?

Yes. More information will become available as we get closer to the event, but for everyone staying at the event hotels (Hilton Ballpark and Union Station), you will receive a goodie bag from our sponsors with specials, giveaways, instructor slides, LOTS OF FREEBIES – and more – not available to those not a registered guest at either of the hotels.

Will there be a party again this year?

We are currently working on all of the details, but will be planning something even better than the past two years!

How do I register?

:) Scroll up.

Where will event information be posted?

Everything is on the private FB group for ShutterFest. The link was sent to you with your receipt. If you dont have it – look up the group and apply to get in.

Can I register more than one person?

Yes. The entire point of ShutterFest is to connect. Bring your team, your second shooter and make them part of this amazing event and lifetime experience.

Want to be a speaker?

Well, if you think you got what it takes, get creative and submit your proposal – Submit your ideas here.

Want to be a model?

If you want to expand your portfolio, get amazing pictures of yourself from some of the top photographers in the world, click here.

How come I was not emailed any information?

As was stated on the sign up site and in the email receipt – all communication would happen via the ShutterFest Facebook group. Why? We don’t want to spam you and in the past, we have had numerous communications go to junk mail, incorrect email addresses, or just not read. Again, this was communicated right from the beginning that all comms would happen via that group. We are doing exactly what we said we would do.

What gear should I bring?

Bring whatever you plan to shoot with— camera bodies, lenses, flashes, tripods, etc. It’s a shooting conference and you are a photographer, do we really need to explain this to you? :)

I don’t have a ticket, can I just show up?

Nope. Don’t show up at the door, don’t show up with a sob story – we love all photographers, but for this event, you need a ticket!

Can I transfer my ticket or get a refund?

No. This has been outlined dozens of times and it’s even listed on the site before you order your tickets. There are a multitude of reasons why we have this policy. Here is the main reason – the event is THE most inexpensive educational event on the PLANET bar-none. The event is also limited in size – once it sells out – it’s sold out! We are offering you hands-on shooting, portfolio building, top-level educators – would cost $1k at other events. You know what you paid for your ticket. Well, in the beginning, people were buying 5 tickets at a time and selling them on eBay for $300-$500 and that goes against the event and why we created it. Hence, no transfers or refunds. This ensures that no one can scam the system and we keep your ticket price affordable. So death, charities, mission trips, terminal illness, can’t afford to come, and the dozens of requests or reasons for a transfer or refund, our sincerest apologies, but this is a policy that has no wiggle room. We hope you understand the in-depth explanation we have provided. While we want everyone to be happy, we have to protect the interests of the community of photographers who want to see the event ticket prices remain low.

What do I need for registration?

Your driver’s license. You will not be able to check in without it. Not even if your dog ate it.

Will we get slides from the classes?

Yes. Unlike other conferences, we give you all the presentations from the classroom courses. This is part of the goodie bag.

I am not an official speaker, can I teach my own class?

No. ShutterFest has paid for and rented all of Union Station. We have paid for security, insurance and permits to ensure the event is safe, fun, and educational for all who attend. In addition, we have spent thousands advertising, promoting, and coordinating the event. Lots of hard work by a lot of people went into creating the event and an atmosphere for photographers to come and learn and grow. If you want to be an instructor – apply to speak. If you do not get the nod to teach this year, please by all means, come and enjoy the event as a student. There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. If you are caught teaching, assembling private workshops, advertising in the FB group, you will be asked to leave the event immediately without any further discussion.





Image Competition

Last year was our very first image competition and you blew us away with your amazing images. This year, we will host our second competition and it will be judged live the evening before the event starts, so you can sit in and listen and learn.

Elite+ Lounge

Yes, we know. Last year the lounge sucked. Well, if nothing else, we heard you loud and clear and this year it will be better than last year. #pivot


Our model program to shoot and build your portfolio. It will be back again with program details coming soon. Think you got what it takes to be a model or know someone looking to model? Register to be a model here.





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