It’s finally here! You heard Sal talk about it on Creative Live. And now it’s all coming together.

ShutterFest. A new kind of photography conference. Come shoot. Come learn. Come party.


If you are tired of the same old conference format and being lost in the crowd, then come enjoy a more intimate setting where you can network with peers and work side by side with some of the leading professional photographers and educators in the world!

Always looking to challenge the status quo, Sal Cincotta and Shutter Magazine have created an industry first, a FREE photography conference for 400 select people. A conference where you come to learn from the biggest names in the industry, shoot and work with models, and party Woodstock style, ok maybe not just like Woodstock, but you get the point.

Songfreedom is providing LIVE entertainment at the event, so you can guarantee one thing, its going to be a party to remember.

Shutterfest is not a conference. It’s an EXPERIENCE!


Why ShutterFest? ShutterFest is a new kind of conference. Sal Cincotta and Shutter Magazine want to host something different, something that will be more than just a conference. They want to provide a learning EXPERIENCE to the industry. ShutterFest will be that experience. Be prepared to learn, network, and have a blast in the process!

How do I get a ticket? Tickets are a scarce resource. First, you have to pre-register. Being a FREE event, you can imagine, seats are going to go fast. Once pre-registration closes, we will send out an announcement to everyone who pre-registered giving them first chance at registering for the main event. It will be on a first come first serve basis. Once the seats are gone, they are gone! Do not try and bribe Sal for a ticket – he has promised to stand strong.


How many people will be there? 400. This is a limited seat event.

Is it really free? Yes. The goal of the event is to provide FREE QUALITY EDUCATION and give back to the community, all while having fun!

Can I bring a friend? No. Well, yes. They have to pre-register as well and go through the same process.

When will final selections be made? Final registration will open by end of September, but notifications will only go out to those who pre-register.

Do I get to shoot? Are you being serious? This is the Shoot in the “Shoot. Learn. Party.” Of course you get to shoot! Bring your camera, gear, and your thirst to learn. It will be a portfolio building event without a doubt.

What hotel options are available? Stand-by. Once we announce final attendees, we have pre-negotiated rates at the hotel hosting the conference. We gotcha covered! There will be more details to follow.

What topics will be covered? This is a great event to attend no matter what skill-level you are. We will be focused on weddings, portraits, video techniques, business topics like pricing and packaging, and legal concepts for your studio.

What can I expect to learn? Whatever you want! The best part of this event is your access to the speakers and your ability to just experiment. You will have access to models, lighting, backdrops, and more. The event will be whatever you make it.

What will the format be? We will have both platform classes and break-out sessions where you will be HANDS-ON in very small groups.

What if I have more questions? email

More details coming soon!



Preliminary Speaker Lineup

Sal Cincotta

Taylor Cincotta

Roberto Valenzuela

Rob Adams

Vanessa Joy

Kristy Dickerson

Justen Hong

Joey Switzer

Michael Corsentino

Lori Nordstrom

Skip Cohen

Blair Phillips

Damian Battinelli

Kristin Korpos

More speakers coming soon!!!



St Louis, MO. Beyond that, you are on a need to know basis. And right now, you dont need to know. ShutterFest







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