Self Portraits | A Beginner’s Guide

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Ever wanted to learn new lighting techniques and have fun with photography without the pressure of another human being staring at you the whole time? My name is Alissa Cincotta and this weekend, I’m going to be doing some self portraits in our home in O’Fallon, Illinois using the Westcott FJ80, the Westcott FJ200, and the Westcott Universal Wireless Flash Trigger, the FJ-X2m.

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Photographing Headshots with the Westcott FJ Wireless Flash System

Headshots don’t have to be complicated. When it comes to lighting for women, soft and even light is key. So you want to make sure you have a decently-sized Octabox as the modifier for your main light. I chose to use the Westcott Rapid Box Switch Octa-M paired with the FJ200.

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