Boudoir Photography with Continuous Lighting // Behind the Scenes

Continuous lighting makes photography much easier because it creates a “what you see is what you get” visual of your subject. In this video, see how Alissa uses the Westcott L60-B light for boudoir photography.

What is continuous light?

In photography, continuous light (also known as constant light) is a type of off-camera lighting that stays on constantly – or, continuously – after you turn it on. In contrast, a typical off-camera flash only fires when triggered by your camera.

The advantage of using continuous light is that you can see how the light will fall on your subject before you take a single frame. This allows you to move the light around and turn the power up or down to find the look you’re going for.

Continuous light: Your gateway drug to using off-camera flash

Continuous light is my favorite type of light to use. Natural light can get stale, but off-camera flash is intimidating. You have to get dialed in, use a light meter, and deal with all those technical headaches. With a continuous light, like the Westcott L60-B, you just switch it on and what you see is what you get. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of lighting, continuous light is a great starting point. 

Final images: two different boudoir looks

For the first look, we did a sexy black outfit, complete with cape and thigh-high boots. For our second look, we switched to more feminine pink lingerie with flower accents. Unfortunately, it was too dark in warehouse to do the “flowers-in-front-of-the-lens” trick I wanted to show, but I love what we ended up with.

Settings: f/2 @ 1/250, ISO 1,600
Settings: f/2 @ 1/10, ISO 100
Settings: f/2 @ 1/15, ISO 50
Settings: f/2 @ 1/400, ISO 1,250
Settings: f/2 @ 1/400, ISO 1,000
Settings: f/2 @ 1/125, ISO 1,000
Settings: f/2 @ 1/400, ISO 1,250

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