The Successful Headshot Studio – 3 Changes Photographers Need To Make

The luxury condo we rented was a far cry from any conference room. It had become our standard practice once a year to rent one of Orlando’s many vacation homes so we could sit down for a few days to crunch numbers, cry a little bit, and make plans for the coming year in business.

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Photographing Headshots with the Westcott FJ Wireless Flash System

Headshots don’t have to be complicated. When it comes to lighting for women, soft and even light is key. So you want to make sure you have a decently-sized Octabox as the modifier for your main light. I chose to use the Westcott Rapid Box Switch Octa-M paired with the FJ200.

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5 Steps to Easy Headshots

Headshots are becoming higher in demand with the rise of social media. In the age of startups, more and more people need to have a professional photo that represents them and their brand. If you’re not taking advantage of this exploding market in photography, I highly suggest you start. There are five steps to creating easy headshots that I implement in every single session that comes through my door at Whether or not you have a studio, you can take these are steps to create the best possible headshot for every client.

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The Art of the Black & White Commercial Portrait

When you think about creating a black-and-white photo, ask yourself, why black and white? Some clients simply want it for a particular marketing look or just for the love of black and white. Either way, you should know why you’re shooting in this style. In this article, I focus on a recent black-and-white project I did for a commercial client.

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3 Go-To Lighting Setups for High-Volume Headshots

My first paying gig as a photographer was shooting headshots of doctors at a medical convention, packed into a tiny corner of a trade show booth. Back then I didn’t quite understand the impact that type of situation would have on my methods of lighting. Every technique I developed over the next decade was based around learning to shoot a great, professional portrait quickly and in just about any location. I’ve since refined the process, and have found that most of my lighting for high-volume headshots can be categorized into three main techniques.

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The Marketing Headshots Game Plan

When I first picked up a camera, I had no idea I was going to use it to photograph powerful CEOs, fly on their private jets to where they wanted me to photograph huge business deals and find myself almost too busy in my studio. If you’re starting off in weddings, it can seem like a pretty big leap to jump into a new genre of photography. A lot of people think it requires a completely different method of marketing, but it doesn’t.

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