5 Tips For Better Branding


5 Tips For Better Branding

Last month, I talked about how picking a specialty can help your photography business. Every day I see a new photographer pop up in my area. I think the photographers who specialize and brand well are going to be the only businesses that make it. So this month, I want to dive into branding your business and define what a photography brand actually is.

You can search the Internet for a million different definitions of branding. But I think when you strip it all away, a brand is how potential clients think and feel when they hear the name/company. So applying that to photography when someone says Kristy Dickerson, my brand, will make him or her feel a certain way. Does my name imply wedding photography, does it imply high-end, low-end, exclusive, etc.? Branding is a process and it is not something that happens overnight. And branding is not just a logo and a website.

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