5 Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Plan


5 Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Plan

If you’re an introvert like I am, the thought of vendor networking isn’t what wakes you up and gets
you excited for work in the morning. As a photographer, you already have something that all the other wedding vendors want: photos of their work. That’s something you most likely already knew, so let’s take it a step further.

Networking with vendors can be so much more than just taking them out to lunch, schmoozing or handing them an album or brochure with your photos of their work and both your logos. Those are all great,
but both of those things rely on the vendor to turn around afterward and talk about you to their clients. Instead, think of ways you can make sure that vendor talks about you—and in a more permanent, SEO- friendly kind of way.

You can do this in a few ways. One way I do it is to write a feature blog on a certain venue or vendor.
Use photos from their facility, and talk about how great working there is. Post it on your blog (linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, of course). You can collaborate with the vendor either before or after you publish it, but the idea is that they spread the positive review that you wrote to all of their fans and followers, and hopefully blog it as well.

Collaborating with vendors online as a form of networking and marketing helps boost your SEO with link-backs and keywords. It builds the relationship between you and the vendor, and guarantees that they’re talking about you to their clients. At the same time, you’re sharing your photos with them. You can even follow it up by offering to make them a sample album or brochure. It boosts credibility and trust from your clients for both of you when they know that you’re working closely with another vendor to make their wedding perfect.

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    100% inspiration

  2. jose luis venegas

    Este es un gran fotografo Salvatore Cincotta

  3. Larry Sengbush

    Thank you for the ideas. What a great way to be a blessing to someone else and possibly be blessed in return.

  4. Nancy Charles

    I do not have one.

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