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By the time the 1-year mark rolls around, the baby that toddles into your studio will be a completely different little person that first came in just one year prior. The first year of life is the time of the most growth and change. Babies will more than double their weight, sprout hair and teeth, begin babbling sounds and start to walk. It all happens so fast, so be sure to talk through these milestones with your mommy clients. During each session I want to talk about all of the new things that baby is doing right now, and then be sure to photograph those milestones! These changes and new beginnings turn into memories because we’ve talked about them and then focused on them during the session.

During a 1-year session I start with the baby’s “traditional” portrait. Typically a 1-year old will have about a 10-15 minute time span where he is willing to interact. During this time I’ll need a ball, a toy, dancing and singing, peek-a-boo and a number of other tricks in my arsenal! If the baby has started to walk, it’s often a game of chase and place. I use Mom or Dad a lot during the 1-year session. They will need to be the baby handler – chasing after their 1-year-old and then placing them again in the scene. I also want a parent close by since their baby is now on the go, and usually not completely steady yet.

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