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Baby’s first year is a special time to photograph. When you get involved in the entire first year it really ties you to the family! I love photographing each of the different stages and always make sure to talk about those stages with the parents. Even though all babies go through similar changes during their first year, every parent recognizes that their child is special and unique, and of course the smartest baby
of all! Let them talk about all of the new stages they are experiencing as parents. They will feel this way whether it’s their first baby or their fifth!

When preparing for a “Baby Plan” or “Baby’s First Year” most photographers get pretty hung up on how to price and what products to offer. Let’s face it–if the first year plan isn’t priced for profit, it can be really draining! Why should we do four sessions, and four times the work for the first year when we could profit more from an individual family session? I realized this very quickly when I started photographing newborns and came to the conclusion that if I was going to create a baby plan and make it a product line that I market, I needed it to work within my business model.

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