Balancing Flash & Natural Light With the Profoto A1

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Even natural light photographers should learn how to use flash with their outdoor portraits. Why? Because flash, if used correctly, will allow you to fill in those shadows without blowing out your highlights. It doesnt have to be hard. In this video, I will show you how a little pop of light can bring your subjects face to life.

Using No flash 

Settings: 1/250 @ f2.2 ISO 125
Settings: 1/640 @ f2.2 ISO 125

Using flash

Settings: 1/400 @ f2.2 ISO 125
Settings: 1/400 @ f2.2 ISO 125

Using 1/4 CTO gel

Settings: 1/320 @ f2.2 ISO 125
Settings: 1/400 @ f2.2 ISO 125

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