Blair Phillips is the Baby Whisperer

Blair Phillips is the Baby Whisperer


If you have children, you already understand just how special a newborn is. If you do not, just imagine the best day of your life and multiply that by 100. For photographers, it’s an opportunity to share their craft and gain a client for life. Emotions are high, creating a great environment for big profits. In my studio, I photograph a huge variety of sessions, and newborns top the charts with the highest averages. Newborn photography takes a special kind of person with unbelievable patience. A nurturing spirit and the ability to make everyone feel really comfortable are big pluses.

Getting The Sale

When a potential newborn client calls my studio, I begin with small talk. Then I email them a video of me giving a tour of the studio, explaining exactly what we do, clips of me working with newborns, and showing them all the cute outfits and props I have. A few minutes after I send the clips, I call back and pick up our conversation.

Showing is always better than telling. When you put together a video, make sure it fits your brand and who you are as a person. This marketing video
is so helpful in gaining qualified clients who want my style. The video also helps get rid of any of their preconceived ideas. Pair your best clips with some emotional music. The video is a much more personal way to connect with a potential client than simply quoting a price and letting them hang up. If your client already feels a connection before coming for the session, imagine the possibilities.

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Blair Phillips is the Baby Whisperer

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