Boudoir Photography How To

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Boudoir Photography How To



There seems to be one common perception among the countless kinds of photographers out there: Men have a tougher time shooting boudoir than women. This year I have been very fortunate to have traveled the country teaching many photographers the art of boudoir, and I heard over and over from men that women don’t trust them as much, or that they could never do what I do. I helped many of them overcome their doubts.

Different rules apply to male and female photographers. I’d say men often have an advantage over women. This occurred to me during a recent conversation with another photographer who told me he has a disadvantage because he has to try extra hard to make a woman comfortable, that a woman automatically trusts other women.

I wondered if it was true or just an assumption. Let me tell you guys something about women you may not know. Unfortunately, we are sometimes judgmental. I can easily illustrate this through a recent experience I had.