Boudoir Photography How To

Boudoir Photography How To


There seems to be one common perception among the countless kinds of photographers out there: Men have a tougher time shooting boudoir than women. This year I have been very fortunate to have traveled the country teaching many photographers the art of boudoir, and I heard over and over from men that women don’t trust them as much, or that they could never do what I do. I helped many of them overcome their doubts.

Different rules apply to male and female photographers. I’d say men often have an advantage over women. This occurred to me during a recent conversation with another photographer who told me he has a disadvantage because he has to try extra hard to make a woman comfortable, that a woman automatically trusts other women.

I wondered if it was true or just an assumption. Let me tell you guys something about women you may not know. Unfortunately, we are sometimes judgmental. I can easily illustrate this through a recent experience I had.

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  1. Bernardo

    Totally agree! I have been shooting Boudoir for about 8 year and my clients, 100% women, always write me over and over about how great, fun ,respectful time they had at my studio.
    I think men can be do boudoir photography, but they need to know first, the difference between the “intrinsecal instinct men eyes” and the mind of an artist photographer.
    In my workshops, I always telling men photographers, that they need to think as a woman, in terms of sexyness and beauty. The key always be in to listening your clients needs.
    Great article!!

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