boudoir spokesmodels


boudoir spokesmodels

Boudoir photography can be tricky to market. We need content, but we may not always feel comfortable using client images for promotional purposes. Many clients opt out of the sharing option, leaving you with nothing to market. And using professional models goes completely against the concept of boudoir. Boudoir is not about shooting models, it’s about making the everyday woman look like one. And when we do get to share client images, quite often our photographs get reported in different media outlets for being too risqué. Or
worse: Our images are being stolen at a staggering rate, and we need to be more mindful in protecting them. Oh, the conundrum!

The best solution I have found for many of these issues has been my spokesmodel program. I began my spokesmodel search to not only add excitement to my brand, but also because
I needed images I could use for different things without worry of crossing any boundaries with my clients. I often have clients who are comfortable with my sharing their images, but down the road they may get flack from their significant other, and I’ll get a request from her to remove images from my website or blog. This can be problematic if I’ve used her images for marketing pieces.

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