Building Blocks to a Strong Business

Building Blocks to a Strong Business


A few days before my mother passed away last year, I had a very funny conversation with her. I promised her I’d make sure Dad never went out of the house with clothes that didn’t match. While that might seem like a strange conversation to have at a time like that, it made us both smile, in spite of the sadness of her Alzheimer’s winning the battle.

If left to his own devices, Dad, now coming up on 92, would be arrested by the fashion police every morning. The first question he’d be asked would be, “Who told you that outfit looked good?” I’m laughing as I write this, but, honestly, there’s little embellishment.
Similarly, for many of you, your website, blog, stationery, business cards and social media pages suffer from the same lack of continuity. Nothing matches. There is no continuity between any of your most important marketing/advertising components.

You change your logo on a whim. Blog posts often have nothing to do with your business. Galleries jump from topic to topic. You’re dressing up your business presence the same way my dad puts together patterns and colors.

Let’s clean things up a little.

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