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Welcome to “Building Blocks.” Over the next year, in every issue, we’re going to take you through some of the most fundamental components of your business. The very first ingredient should be your skill set.

Your skill set needs to be outstanding, especially now, when consumers have so many choices. You’ve got one chance to impress website visitors, to hook them with your work. Your goal is to make your work habit-forming and so strong that they can’t walk away from just one image, but want to see more and even share your images with their friends.

We’re going to start in this first issue talking about your website. Just remember: No amount of marketing can get you past a weak skill set. Photography is not a fake it till you make it business. Anybody can get their first customer. The key is to get the second, third and fourth—and to get them all to send their friends your way.

Let’s get started on your website!

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