the challenges of public speaking

the challenges of public speaking

I’ve written a lot over the years, including an article here in Shutter, about what it takes to be a speaker. It’s a lofty goal. Most of you see it as being tied to fame and fortune. While it can be both, it requires an incredible amount of work, and is much heavier on the fame side than fortune.

I don’t know of anybody in the industry who’s made a living exclusively speaking, and that includes photographers doing tours, speaking at various conventions and doing their own workshops. Even photographers with their own DVDs and webinars still generate the bulk of their revenue from their client base.

Since this is March and we’re nearing the end of convention and trade show season, it seems like a great time to talk about some of the pitfalls of being a speaker. Then I’ll turn it over to some of the experts.

Let’s start with some of the major fiascos I’ve seen photographers get into over the years.

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