Children’s Portraits That Sell


Children’s Portraits That Sell

These days, most moms have a nice camera, and many moms take photos of their kids daily. So why would someone choose a pro in 2014? And if they do choose a pro, what are the images that will sell?

Recently I had a group of photographers ask me for a “shot list.” When I asked what exactly they were looking for, one of them replied, “You know, a list of poses that sell!”

The truth is that once upon a time, I probably thought the same way as I went into a session. What list of poses could I create over and over that would be the best-sellers? But as time went by, I began to realize there really was no “money shot.” Sure, there might be some things that I do each and every time because of a reaction that I might get. There are games I play with different ages of kids to get certain looks or to keep their attention. But I learned that without a reason to buy, the photo isn’t going to sell, and the reasons moms buy are all about the experience we create for their kids. It’s about the way we interpret a child’s personality and interests—visually with the camera and verbally as we communicate with Mom about what we see with our camera.

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