Circle of Light: Understanding Light Placement and Position


Circle of Light: Understanding Light Placement and Position

When it comes to creating lighting that’s compelling, lighting that fits the subject at hand and lighting that can be accomplished quickly and efficiently, understanding of the effect of light placement and position is essential. Certainly, I’m all for experimentation and thinking outside the box, but you need a baseline to operate from.

Time is money, and when you’re on set/location interacting with clients and models, the last thing you want is the perception that you’re winging it (even if you are). You need to know how to get the job done expertly and efficiently before moving on to any experimentation. This way everyone on your team—clients, subjects, models, assistants, creatives, etc.—will all be at ease knowing you’re in charge, confident you know your stuff and that you captured the images everybody was counting on. Once that’s in the bag, it’s a good bet you’ll have earned everyone’s trust and they’ll pretty much do whatever you ask.

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