Creative Lighting for Cinematic Portraits with the Profoto Clic Snoot

Off-camera flash can transform a scene, and that’s exactly what we did with this photoshoot. Using three Profoto A2 lights, a Profoto Clic Snoot, and creative gels, we created these cinematic portraits. By using creative lighting, we changed the overall color grade of the image and even created our own sun flare. Keep reading to see how.

Equipment Used:


The setup: three Profoto A2s, gels,
& the Profoto Clic Snoot

To transform the lighting in the room, we used a three light setup. The Profoto A2 with the Clic Snoot was closest to the model on camera left at a low power setting, lighting the model. The snoot ensured that no light spill went anywhere else, allowing me to control the look completely.

The second Profoto A2 had a blue gel on it, which matched her dress and made the shadows very moody. It was placed camera right, farther away from the model.

The third Profoto A2 had a full CTO gel on it to give a warm, sun-peeking-through-the-windows look. I love to play with color theory and use warm and cool gels in the same shot. This light was attached to the outside of the window behind the model with a Joby flexible mini-tripod. 

The final images: cinematic portraits
with creative lighting & gels

Settings: f/2 @ 1/800, ISO 200
Settings: f/2 @ 1/400, ISO 200

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