same day slideshow


same day slideshow

Same day slideshows were originally created as a marketing tool aimed at wedding reception guests. While they also wow the bride and groom, the primary benefit
is being able to show off your work to their friends and family—free, very effective advertising during a time of high emotion. In fact, it’s one of the best marketing tools out there, and one that doesn’t cost us a thing. The same-day edits process can be intimidating at first, but it shouldn’t be if you’re just starting out. You can do just 10 percent of the process and still gain incredible brand recognition that will result in leads and bookings down the road. I can’t tell you how many inquiries I receive that tell me that they, or their friend, or even their mom saw my pictures at a wedding. This method works.

Take the right pictures

There are three types of pictures you need to take for a successful same-day slideshow. The first is obvious: pictures of the bride and groom that will tell their story.

Secondly are the guests. When you show pictures, everyone’s secretly hoping to see themselves. Think about every time you’ve been in a group picture. Who do you look for when you see the image the first time? Yourself. Include a few candid shots of guests, and you’ll have them even more interested in your work.

Third, make sure you take pictures of the details. Shoes, dress, rings, cake, invitation, centerpieces— everything. You might not put too many of these pictures in the actual slideshow, but they’re a must- have for submitting to publications after the wedding, and great for adding color and detail to the album design. Your clients have also put a lot of time and thought into these things. They worked hard on each and every detail before the wedding, and they’ll want to remember them afterward.

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